WACO Analogue Earth Tester WACO

WACO Earth Tester permits direct measurement of the resistance of earth used in power circuits. Telecommunication, Railway Electrification, Domestic & Industrial Electrical Installation, Lighting Protection Installation and various other Electrical Systems. The tester performs equally well in Terrai...

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WACO Digital Earth Resistance Tester

WACO Digital Earth Resistance Tester is designed to measure the resistance if earth used in power circuit, Telecommunications, Railway Electrification, Domestic and Industrial electrical installations. The tester measures directly the resistance of the earth and also measure the ground resistivity. ...

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WACO Insulation Tester is a compact portable unit incorporating most modern features used for direct reading of electrical operating machines, Rotating Plant equipment, Stationary apparatus, Insulation Control switching equipment, Distribution networks, Communication cables, Insulators, Transformers...

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