DC Milli Ohm Meter

BH_GOM-805_804_E (DC Mili Ohm Meter) GW Instek

To sum up, GOM-804 evolves from GOM-802 platform with more advanced functionalities and specifications, including display digits, measurement speed and standard interface (RS-232C/USB). With all the capabilities of GOM-804, GOM-805 augments itself with new measurement abilities (Dry circuit and vari...

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GOM-802 GW Instek DC Milli Ohm Meter

Name: DC Milli-Ohm Meter, GOM-802 Display: 4 3/4 Counts: 30,000 Counts Basic Accuracy: 0.05% Best Accuracy Interface: Handler, Scan (same connector) Model Name: GOM-802...

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